We are just another
venture capital firm.

We invest as soon as you made up your mind to start a company.
Sometimes even before that.

Map of Europe.

Our Focus

European companies. That means either your company is registered in Europe or part of your founding team has European roots.

First round of funding. We don’t mind if you have raised a small amount from e.g. family & friends or an accelerator.

Building a B2B product. This ranges from web-based SaaS tools to research-based hardware products.

Our Portfolio

Build, deploy and operationalize data products and AI across organizational boundaries, while protecting privacy and IP.


Empowering people to make better business decisions by digitizing supply chain processes.


Enabling companies and top tech freelancers to successfully work together by matching them with the help of our C-level tech experts.


The remberg XRM helps companies manage things such as machines, equipment, devices, vehicles or buildings in the cloud and digitize associated processes in service.


Automating B2B transactions around the world to end manual document processing.


To help our portfolio companies focus on building we don’t list the investments publicly right away.


Our Deal

Up to €250k initial investment.
Lean process from first call to decision.
Conversations instead of pitches.
Support in go-to-market and fundraising.

About Us

We started this firm to help B2B founders find their first customers. This means we are used to being the first investor.

We don’t waste time calculating existing markets. We prefer new ideas over hype topics.

We genuinely enjoy what we do. We like to stay in the background and support you with our network and experience.